Developer Interview Plan (Remote)

Developer Interview Plan (Remote)


About this template

A 5-step interview process to help you hire the best developers, no matter where they are.
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Interview stage
Interviewer(s) involved in each interview round
Competencies and attributes to assess(The competencies that you want to evaluate in each round)
Example interview questions
Application review
- Demonstrates technical skills - Demonstrates soft skills - Possesses qualifications for role
“Why are you interested in this position?”
Preliminary screen
- Communicates effectively - Is mission-driven - Demonstrates self-awareness - Meets years of experience requirement - Has experience creating complex features - Has experience with relevant technology
• “Based on the description I just gave, does this role seem like what you’re looking for?” • “Can you briefly walk me through your resume?” • “What are some attributes of your ideal role?” • “What is your desired salary range?” • “These are the next steps in the interview process. Does that work for you?”
Virtual team interview / Pairing exercise
- Maintains a positive attitude - Possesses technical knowledge - Utilizes problem-solving skills - Possesses web tech knowledge - Is fluent in English
“Walk me through how you would solve this real-world problem.”
Final interview
- Optimizes work processes - Manages complexity - Adapts to evolving situations
Questions based on whatever the manager still needs to know or wants to dig deeper on.