Remote Recruitment Playbook

Remote Recruitment Playbook


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Here’s a free playbook for hiring managers. Find detailed guides, interview plans, scorecards, and checklists to help you hire your next all-star. Don’t forget to personalize it according to the role you’re hiring for!

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Recruitment Playbook

Job title: <<Insert job title here>>
Job level:
Hiring manager:
Target start date:
Technical skills: [examples: copywriting, project management]
Attributes: [examples: entrepreneurial, thrives in ambiguity, resourceful, collaborative with senior management, takes initiative, growth mindset, external vendor management]
Future skills: [examples: no-code development, UI/UX design, front-end web development, SEO, product marketing, demand generation, content marketing, full-funnel CRO, product management]


What to assess
Competencies - Competencies are a mix of observable and measurable behaviors and skills that contribute to workplace effectiveness and career success.
- Manages complexity - Balances stakeholders - Is tech savvy - Cultivates innovation - Leads with action - Is resourceful - Optimizes work processes - Drives results - Communicates effectively - Demonstrates self awareness - Prioritizes self development - Manages ambiguity - Adapts to situations - Drives vision and purpose
Attributes - Attributes are generally understood as specific behaviors learned through external experiences. Attributes can be strong predictors of how someone will respond in a given situation.
- Carries a growth mindset - Is comfortable with ambiguity - Responds well to failure/rejection - Is entrepreneurial natured - Is mission driven
Qualifications - Qualifications are easily verifiable experiences or accomplishments.
- Training - Portfolio - Side projects - Education - Certification
Values Interview - To determine whether or not the candidate would thrive in our culture - not about whether they fit a specific mould Would they struggle with the way we do things? Would they add a new perspective or skill that makes us better? Do display the values that are important to the company?
- Global perspective - Technological innovation - Life and work values - Ethics


This defines the scorecard in Greenhouse (or your ATS).
Interview stage
Interviewer(s) involved in each interview round
Competencies and attributes to assess in each round
Example interview questions
Application review
- Drives vision and purpose
“Why are you interested in this position?”
Async interview (if not doing an initial screen)
- Communicates effectively - Is mission-driven - Demonstrates self awareness - Is resourceful
“Describe a time when the local approach to business proved more effective than the company's typical approach.” ”Describe a time someone asked you for help to figure out resources for a project”
Peer panel interview 
- Is tech savvy - Balances stakeholders - Drives results - Prioritizes self development  - Carries a growth mindset - Collaborates well cross-functionally and with leadership - Responds well to failure/rejection - Communicates effectively
“Describe a time when picking up new technology worked really well for you.” ”Describe a time when you could have worked with external stakeholders better” ”Tell me about a time you had to shut off a person in the audience or during a meeting who was talking too much or asking too many questions”
Trial project (include a link to case study)
- Optimizes work processes - Manages complexity - Adapts to situations
“Tell me how you analyze information and options to solve a persistent problem. Give an example.”
Executive interview
- Manages ambiguity - Is entrepreneurial-natured - Leads with action - Cultivates innovation - Builds Effective Teams
“Give an example of how your work habits changed when you didn't know exactly what to do.” ”Describe a time you led a cross functional team”